Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

by cwater

Cooling Water Treatment

We have extensive range of products for open-recirculating, once through and closed loop systems to deliver:

  • Cleaner heat transfer surfaces
  • Control general and pitting corrosion
  • Scale and deposit control
  • Microbiological fouling control

Chembond proven products and services help to overcome problems associated with poor cooling water treatment programme like:

  • Loss of production
  • Unscheduled turn around
  • Increased maintenance cost
  • Poor product quality
  • Higher water consumption

Boiler Water Treatment

Principal objective of treating and conditioning steam generating circuit is to prevent scaling, corrosion, deposition and carry over. Chembond water has the right products to overcome the above problems. We offer robustly developed:

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Oxygen scavenger
  • Antiscalant
  • pH controller
  • Boiler descaling compounds

Raw Water / Waste Water Clarification

Raw water and Waste Water Clarification is an important part of pre-treatment of source water making it fit for further treatment and use in plant. We offer a wide range of anionic, catanionic and non-anionic polyelectrolyte’s with application in removal of turbidity in raw water to settlement of solids in waste water and de-watering of sludge. Our products are proven to perform.

Membrane Treatment

With the wider usage of membranes for water treatment comes the need to protect them from deposition and fouling. If the membrane throughout is to be maintained, in addition to pre-filtration, protection against dissolved salts and organic clogging the pores is essential. We offer Antiscalant, Preservative and Cleaning Compounds to give complete membrane protection.

Specialized Solutions

  • Foam Control

Foaming is generally undesirable as it disturbs production sequences in which liquids particularly water, have an important function as transporting media. Foaming can lead to lower production yields and finished products of poor quality. We offer range of defoamers which have been working successfully in industries such as Asbestos, Sugar, Paper, Dyes, Biotech, Lubricants, Drawing Oil emulsions, etc.

  • Drinking Water Disinfection

We offer disinfection technologies to mitigate microbial growth in drinking water ensuring e-coli, coliform and pathogenic bacteria are killed results in clean and safe drinking water. Our products also result in clearer and odor free water.