Water Treatment Equipments

Water Treatment Equipments

by cwater

Equipment solutions for treatment of water are necessary to make the water “fit” for industrial use. Chembond offers equipment solutions for treatment of raw water, process water, utility water, waste water and recycled water. These solutions help achieve the objectives of removal of: suspended solids, dissolved solids, living matter and gases from water.

We Offer:

  • Media based filtration systems for suspended solids, odor and colour removal
  • Ion-exchange resin systems for dissolved solids removal and water polishing
  • Membrane systems for suspended and for dissolved solids removal
  • Acid and chemical dosing systems for safe handling of acids and chemicals
  • Chlorine Dioxide generators for producing in-situ chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in water
  • Sewage and Effluent treatment plants

We also offer a comprehensive range of services, O&M plans and spares and consumables for existing water treatment equipment.