by cwater

Treatment and recovery of sewage and industrial waste water / effluent is crucial. With tightening treated effluent discharge limits, simultaneous pressure on reducing operating costs and the availability of fresh water, comes the need to recover and reuse waste water.

Nature has solutions to most problems. One such solution is application of micro-organisms to break down harmful chemical substances into carbon dioxide and water. However, with concentrated impurities and high rates of waste water generation in any manufacturing plant, it takes an unviable period of time for microorganisms in the environment around us to adapt, proliferate and break down the impurities in waste water.

As a result of many years of R&D in this field, we have screened and built a culture bank consisting of organisms that act on specific chemical impurities found in industrial waste water.

Chembond offers low-cost, bio-remediation solutions for:

  • High COD reduction / removal
  • Ammonical Nitrogen and Nitrates reduction
  • Phenol Degradation
  • Oil and Grease removal
  • Odour removal and control
  • Hydrolysis of Biopolymers

Using natural processes, bio-remediation transforms pollutants rather than just treating them. It does so in an acceptable time frame with minimal exposure of workers to contaminants.