Membrane Treatment Solutions

Membrane Treatment Solutions

by cwater

In addition to pre-treatment of feed water, protecting membranes from clogging due to dissolved salts and organics in the water is critical. Using the correct antiscalants, cleaning chemicals and biocides in a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system helps optimize its operating efficiency, prevents failures, and prolongs the membrane service life.

Chembond Water Technologies offers high performance products to help you operate your RO plant efficiently even with difficult feed water containing high levels of silica, phosphates, or sulphates. Our products will help maintain your system performance and product water quality at optimum levels, reduce operating costs by reducing energy requirements to maintain the required product flow, and will reduce your replacement costs by prolonging the membrane life.

Membrane Antiscalants

Our membrane antiscalants are formulated to prevent scale deposition on membranes and can handle varying feed water qualities including those with LSI up to +3.0. Our team of experts can help recommend the most appropriate product suited for your application.

Download Product Data Sheets:

Kem Watreat R 428 IKem Watreat R 170
Kem Watreat R 264Kem Watreat R 4001
Kem Watreat R 3687Kem Watreat R 4000

Membrane Cleaners / Biocides

Whether it is a RO, UF or NF membrane, our biocides and alkaline and acidic membrane cleaners enhance membrane performance and life by inhibiting bacterial growth, removing inorganic deposits, metal foulants, organics, and biofilms. Using the right product and cleaning procedure is imperative for effective foulant removal and reducing the cleaning frequency.

Download Product Data Sheets:

Kem Watreat R 932Kem Watreat R 506
Kem Watreat R 811Kem Watreat R 250
Kem Watreat R 812Kem Watreat R 442
Kem Watreat R 453

Kem MemPro Optimizer Tool

Kem MemPro software tool helps system designers optimize the antiscalant dosage for brackish water and sea water RO membrane systems. On entering the feed water parameter analysis, Kem MemPro calculates the fouling tendency and recommends the most appropriate antiscalant product and dosage. This helps immensely in optimizing the treatment program.

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